Getting Water Troughs? 3 Crucial Guidelines for Efficient Animal Watering


Proper watering habits are critical for the health of your livestock. If your animals do not receive sufficient water, they could experience physical stress due to dehydration. Also, clean water is essential for horses, cattle and other animals because it promotes proper digestion and efficient uptake of minerals and vitamins.

Fortunately, the practice of watering the livestock is not challenging if you have water troughs in your agricultural operation. These containers will allow your livestock to access water even if you are not on the site. Here are some essential tips for watering your animals effectively using water troughs.

Purchase a Purpose-Built Trough

It is not uncommon for people to use castoff bathtubs and similar receptacles as water troughs for livestock. This solution is inexpensive, but it can be detrimental to your animals. In simple terms, old bathtubs are rigid and inappropriately-shaped. Therefore, they cause animals to sustain light but repetitive impact injuries. In addition, some of the materials used can degrade over time, causing water quality problems. For example, old steel tubs will rust with time. For the best results, you should purchase water troughs designed for the purpose of watering animals. They are safe for animal use, and they will provide prolonged service.

Estimate the Amount of Water

You should estimate the amount of water that your animals can take during a specified period. Then, you should make sure that there is sufficient water available. Under normal circumstances, you should have a huge trough which can hold enough water for your livestock to use until you are able to fill it again. However, you cannot afford to fill in the container with too much water. If the water remains in the trough for too long, it will become dirty and stagnant. The animals will be repulsed, and this could bring about dehydration problems. Also, the contaminated water could cause harm to the animals. Therefore, you should calculate the best amount of water for your troughs for optimal efficiency.

Clean the Troughs

You should clean your water troughs regularly to ensure that the water quality is not compromised. Cleaning troughs is fairly simple, and you can use common tools and solutions for desirable results. The easiest approach is scrubbing the trough with a stiff-bristled brush and some soapy water. You can utilise dishwashing soap because it is effective and safe. You should remember to remove all the residue dirt and algae during the cleaning session. When satisfied with the results, you should rinse the trough before filling it with clean water.


2 April 2018

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