Ship Shape: The Advantages Of Using Shipping Containers As Garden Sheds


The basic design of a classic timber garden shed hasn't changed significantly for decades now, so you might assume that they are perfectly designed for storing and securing your garden tools, outdoor furniture and other valuable items. Nothing could be further from the truth, and a traditional shed will inevitably start to suffer from leaks, wood rot and other problems as it ages and degrades. 

Consequently, many gardeners are turning to more robust options for storing their outdoor items and converted shipping containers are becoming extremely popular alternatives to traditional sheds. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing a shipping container shed over more conventional sheds and outbuilding options:

No assembly required

The vast majority of traditional garden sheds have to be assembled before use, a time consuming and often frustrating endeavour and even bespoke timber sheds that are delivered in an assembled condition will still have to be fitted to a suitable ground covering. Shipping containers, on the other hand, are ready to use the moment they are placed in your garden, with minimal ground preparation required.


Most timber sheds can shrug off a mild beating, but they are far outstripped by shipping containers in terms of durability. These containers are specially designed and manufactured to withstand heavy impacts, severe weather and corrosion-inducing salt spray; as you can imagine, in the staid confines of a residential garden, these containers can last for years or even decades.


Shipping containers are also used to carry some hideously expensive cargoes across the open ocean and are subsequently built with security in mind. The locks they are fitted with are enormously tough and very difficult to crack and can be supplemented with additional deadbolts and padlocks. The thick steel walls and doors of a container also prevent thieves from simply barging their way in with brute force, so container sheds are ideal for storing expensive garden equipment such as lawnmowers.

Good price to size ratio

Shipping containers are rarely cheap to buy, but considering the amount of storage space they provide, they can be surprisingly economical. Most timber sheds that provide the same amount of internal space as a shipping container are significantly more expensive, not to mention difficult to assemble. 'Shortie' containers are also available at lower prices if you don't need quite so much space for your tools, and second-hand containers in excellent condition can often be picked up for a song.

Low maintenance

There are a number of tasks you will have to perform to keep an ageing timber shed in good condition, from replacing roofing felt as it degrades to reapplying wood stains and preservatives. Shipping containers require much less maintenance; generally speaking, dabbing some rustproof paint onto any metal that becomes exposed is all you have to do to prevent rust and other damage. 

For more information on shipping containers for sale, contact your local shipping yard.


20 December 2017

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