How Blast Freezing Can Increase Customer Happiness


Many restaurateurs are aware that buying a blast chiller can save money and labour costs by making it possible to buy and prepare food in bulk, but those aren't the only benefits. Blast freezing can also increase patron satisfaction significantly. Customer happiness is crucial to the success of any restaurant, ensuring that patrons return time after time and encourage new customers to do the same. Here are 4 ways blast freezing will make your restaurant-goers happier with their meals.

Better-Tasting Food

Great taste is arguably the most important thing to any restaurant patron. Blast freezing can improve your meals' flavour in 2 ways. Firstly, if you own a blast chiller, you can buy more in-season produce. As in-season ingredients don't need to travel for days, they don't deteriorate in quality and flavour like out-of-season produce from abroad. The other way blast freezing helps improve taste is by preventing food quality from deteriorating once it's already in your restaurant. This goes for both unused ingredients and pre-prepared meals.

Shorter Wait Times

When you're able to prepare meals in advance and freeze them without reducing the quality of the food, you can reduce customer wait times. No one wants to wait for food when they're hungry. The less time it takes for the meal to reach the patron's table, the happier they'll be. Saving money on kitchen overtime also means that you can put more money into wait staff to get orders in faster.

Lower Risk of Illness

It only takes one food poisoning incident to put a customer off your restaurant for life, and it only takes one bad batch of ingredients to make a room full of customers ill. Bacteria can develop rapidly at temperatures that are too high. Even foods kept in the fridge will become filled with bacteria over time. Using a blast chiller drastically reduces bacterial growth, giving you peace of mind that your food won't give your customers an illness.

Increased Eco-Friendliness

Nowadays, customers are putting more and more importance and value into how 'green' a business is. Research shows that many consumers are more likely to frequent businesses that are eco-friendly. If you own a blast chiller, you can reduce or even eliminate your need to buy out-of-season foods by bulk-purchasing and freezing in-season produce. Out-of-season produce has a large carbon footprint due to the transportation and packaging it requires, so removing it from your restaurant will make you more eco-friendly.

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22 August 2017

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