3 Need-to-Know Safety Tips when Dealing with Boom Lifts


Safety is a priority factor when dealing with boom lifts. There are risks of causing damage to the building under construction, the neighbouring buildings, and causing serious injuries to the workers on the construction site or yourself that may even lead to death. Therefore, as an employer or an operator, you must put all your staff through a mandatory training before any individual is exposed to operate the piece of equipment. Training to the last day is not enough. You must take charge and consider the follow-up training for all members of staff as many of them may have memory issues and fail to remember some safety procedures. Check out some safety tips you should know and apply where necessary when dealing with boom lift equipment:

Clear Inspection of the Boom Lift Machinery Take a walk around the boom lift equipment to carry out a self-assessment and inspection procedure to determine if it is safe for use. Are there any mechanical issues that need service attention? If yes, address the issue immediately since such small issues may build up to create serious problems. A detailed inspection by professional inspectors should check all the operating controls, emergency controls, outriggers and guardrails, tires, wheels and the personal fall protection gear. While performing the visible inspection of these points, it is advisable to check for possible leaks of fuel, air and the hydraulic fluid that runs the operating systems of the machinery. Always look for a qualified mechanic who can address any repair issues and test them before operating the boom lift.

Selecting the Operator Many people get injured because they are not competent enough to run this kind of machine. Avoid safety concerns by critically evaluating the people who intend to operate the equipment to ensure that they can handle it with experience and professionalism. Not only should they have the necessary training, they also need to have the correct mindset to handle this type of operation.

Shutting Down the Boom Lift Machinery One other major safety measure is to understand how to run off the boom lift. Individuals who are not competent when dealing with the equipment may panic when an issue arises. The operator must know how to shut down the machine properly and store it well to prevent problems. The actions involve engaging the red emergency stop button, lowering the platform completely, turning all the key switches off and removing the key.


25 June 2017

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