Purchasing Guide for Steel Construction Products


The use of steel products in the construction industry has steadily increased over the years because they are durable, quick to build with, easy to maintain, and cost-efficient. If you plan to build with steel, making sure you purchase the right steel products is critical to ensure your construction project is successfully executed. Get steel products that are right for your construction job with these purchase tips:

Consider your building requirements

Your building requirements will dictate what type of steel products you will need for your construction project. If you require large functional space, say for warehouse operations or factory-based production, you will find steel trusses to be an appropriate choice of building material for your project. Buildings with trussed floors, walls and roofs provide a clear span, which in turn maximises usable space. For buildings that require a lot of partitioning, like residential buildings, steel columns are a desirable option. 

Therefore, you should let your project-specific demands guide your choice of steel construction products.

Consider the cost involved

Different steel components, including the ones that can be used to perform the same function, are sold at different prices. Price vary by product because different steel products come in different styles and finishes. If you want to install steel roofing, for instance, you should be aware that steel roofing products are available in a range of styles, such as panels, sheets and tiles, as well as different finishes (painted or powder-coated), so that every individual can find something that matches the exact look they want. 

Generally speaking, the cost of installation will depend upon the type of product you will choose for your construction, so make sure you choose products that fit your budget.

Consider who you are going to buy from

There are lots of steel merchants out there, and you are free to choose any seller you feel comfortable transacting with. Steel construction products can be bought directly from manufacturers of steel products or from intermediaries like general contractors and steel building brokers. If you have the time, you should purchase your supplies directly from a steel fabricator, as you will be able to avoid incurring the intermediate/middleman costs. 

But if you need someone to act as a go-between for you and a steel manufacturer, you will need to enlist the services of your general contractor or a steel building broker. Talk to them about your preferences and the available budget.


2 June 2017

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