Three Maintenance Guidelines for Industrial Vibrating Equipment


Vibrating machines are crucial to bulk material handling processes in numerous industrial and commercial operations. These pieces of equipment increase productivity in the business by preventing blockages and general slow flow of particulate cargo such as powders, cement and flour. Typically, the vibrators are designed to provide long-lasting service in the setup. However, they are not infallible, so they are prone to degradation over time due to standard usage and even external stress. Therefore, consider using these simple maintenance guidelines to prolong the lifespan of your industrial vibrating equipment.

Check the Mounting

The vibrating equipment should be properly mounted to a foundation for optimal performance and longevity. If the machine is not secured, it will become loose over time due to the natural movement during operation. Also, the vibrations will not be adequately contained in the equipment or absorbed by the supporting base. In most cases, the looseness will cause the foundation to amplify the vibrations in the machine, accelerating the degradation of your vibrator. Make sure that the supporting base is in good condition and free of cracks and general damage. You should also periodically check the bolts attaching the equipment. These should be tightly secured, and the loose ones should be tightened or replaced.

Inspect and Service the Motor

The motor in vibrating machines should be regularly checked because it is a core component. Its damage will cause the failure of the entire equipment. The subsequent repair costs can be substantial, and you will lose revenue due to unscheduled downtime. You should perform a physical assessment of the motor to make sure that there is no dirt build-up or corrosion on the surfaces. Removal of the material will promote better long-term performance.

You should also check the motor's environment to ensure that the module is protected from moisture, debris and toxic industrial elements. Examine the bearings periodically, especially if you notice unusual noises. This issue is often due to inadequate lubrication and can be quickly resolved. However, if you ignore the lack of grease for too long, overheating and failure may occur due to friction.

Troubleshoot and Repair Immediately

Finally, you should commission immediate repairs if you have noticed the decline in the performance of your mechanical vibrator. Most equipment problems can be resolved if identified early and the affected components restored. However, if the damage is allowed to escalate, the machine could fail permanently. For ideal performance and durability, you should engage a professional technician at companies like VSS - Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia) for periodic inspection of your vibrating motors.


24 April 2017

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