Why You Should Use Brass For Plumbing Fittings


When you are choosing plumbing fittings and pipe, you might be interested in switching from plastic PVC pipe to metal. This is a great option since metal does tend to last longer, but you also have different types of metal to choose from. Here are some reasons to consider brass for your plumbing fittings and pipes.

It Can Handle Hot Temperatures

Brass is an excellent choice for pipe and fittings when hot water is going to be used often. Brass is a metal that is made up of copper and zinc, which provides a good balance of metal to withstand corrosion from the hot temperatures. If you are looking for new metal plumbing pipes or fittings for a hot water distribution line, it doesn't get much better than brass. While people sometimes think steel is the best metal for these lines, brass actually doesn't corrode as quickly as steel can.

It is Often More Affordable Than Copper

While copper is another good metal for plumbing pipes, it tends to be a little more expensive when it is pure copper. Brass does have some copper in it, so you are getting many of the benefits of coper without the cost. If you have the budget for it, copper might be a good option, but with major re-piping jobs, saving money can be an excellent advantage. Plus, consider the fact that you might also be paying for labour costs if a plumber is installing it for you, and it is helpful to cut costs wherever possible.

Brass is Long-Lasting

Due to the lack of corrosion and sturdy material, brass is a long-lasting option for plumbing fittings and pipes. Not only is it cheaper to buy, but because it lasts longer than some of the alternatives, you are protecting your investment by not needing to replace it soon. Brass also tends to be a little harder to cut through and less malleable than copper and other metals, which might be a disadvantage while cutting it, but this also means it is harder to bend and puncture. This adds to how durable and long-lasting it is.

If you're still not sure about brass for your plumbing project, consult a plumbing professional to discuss the pros and cons of this metal. They can point you toward the direction of plumbing fittings made of brass so you can decide if this is the best option or not. For more information, contact companies like Intracut.


20 April 2017

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