Getting a Timber Deck


The value of having good exteriors to your house cannot be understated. Whether you love sitting on a patio and watching the sunset or holding barbecues with your extended family, you deserve to enjoy your home. Timber decking is a smart way to create a serene exterior for your house.

Why use timber?

Wood has a lot of ways it can be used to beautify. The natural color of timber is very appealing, whether it is dark red or light brown and any other color. The wooden look remains quite elusive to those who try to achieve the same effect using paint.

Wood is able to withstand the ravages of tough weather conditions and use. The wood used in timber decking is treated to high standards and can withstand termites. Timber from jarrah, blackbutt and spotted gum is quite resistant to fire and can be used in bushfire prone areas.

Timber is very environment-friendly. It causes no damage to the environment during its use or disposal as it biodegradable.

If you build a timber deck you have a lot of options on the design. The deck can be elevated to the height you desire regardless of the slope around your house.

Designing the deck

To get the deck you desire the following considerations have to be taken;

  • Regulations and codes: These are set by the authorities to maintain certain safety and environmental standards. They have set limits on sizes, designs, the type of timber to be used as well as the acceptable changes to the landscape. You will have to meet the requirements before you get approval to build your deck.
  • Use: The deck strength and design are dictated by the intended use. If the deck will be used heavily for parties or have some furniture, the weight requirements will be a factor in the type of wood to use and the design.
  • Weather: You could design the deck with or without a shade depending on how much it rains. The structural design can be tailored withstand storms and hot suns.
  • Appearance: It is best to design your deck in a way that it adds to the aesthetic value of your property.
  • Cost: It is always a factor as the design can be tailored to your budget.

Find a competent licensed contractor who is able to follow all due considerations and safety regulations to build the deck.

Once you have your deck, check for pests, rot, and rust of the fastening at least once a year. Recoat the timber once the coat starts wearing out and you will enjoy life on your timber deck for a long time.


17 April 2017

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