Features to Shop For When Choosing a Car Elevator for Home


A car elevator can be a great choice for your home, as they allow you to take advantage of the height of your garage without adding width. These lifts can be used to store, not just a second car, but also a caravan, motorcycle, ATV, or boat. Installing such an elevator may involve digging a pit under the garage, so that the lift itself can be lowered into this pit when you're ready to drive a vehicle onto the platform. This type of lift or elevator can also be installed in larger garages that already have the overhead space, without needing this added pit. When you're ready to shop for a car elevator, note a few features to look for and some differences between features, so you're sure to get the best one for your home needs.

Rider versus non-rider

A rider-assisted lift means you stay in the car or on the platform of the car and push a button on the wall to operate the lift. This can be good if you have a second story entrance to the home, or are building an entire platform in the garage space. A non-rider lift means you get out of the car and then operate the lift from a remote, or from a control panel affixed to the front of the lift itself. These are usually smaller and more compact, as they don't provide room for you to safely ride along with your car. Because they're smaller, they can also be more affordable.

Machine room

A car elevator will usually work with a set of gears and pulleys, and these will typically need a machine room for their main controls. This may mean an external area that will house these controllers, which may sit on top of the garage. You'll need to consider building codes for this type of addition; if this wouldn't be allowed, you may need a hydraulic lift, which doesn't work with gears and pulleys but which may not be able to lift as much weight as needed.

Scissor versus four-post

A scissor lift will have posts in an X shape on either side of the lift, and these will fold and unfold as the lift lowers and raises. These lifts are more lightweight and may be easier to install and more affordable, but also may not hold as much weight as a four-post lift. Be sure you balance your budget with the overall weight of a vehicle, especially if you're considering storing a caravan, SUV, or other such vehicle on the lift.

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12 April 2017

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