Importance of Fire Safety Training Courses For Businesses


For many businesses, fire safety is usually a reserve for the various security departments available within their installations. They leave the training, information, and procedures to specific people in the hope that these individuals will be able to effectively assist everyone in the event of such emergencies. Unfortunately, this is may not always work well. Fire safety training should be offered to all employees irregardless of rank, role, or even activities they do within the business. Fires and many other work related emergencies tend to throw everyone in a frenzy. If your employees are not given fire training classes, one or two unknowing people may jeopardize the entire rescue of your property, business, or even another life. The following are some in-depth reasons why employee fire safety training is important for all businesses.

Fire equipment

We all see the fire extinguishers, axes, and even thermal blankets placed strategically within buildings in case of fires and such emergencies. What is not common knowledge, however, is how to use these equipment. Do all your employees know how to open that fire extinguisher for instance? How about how to summon the firefighters in the event of a fire? Fire safety training courses ensure that all employees are well instructed and experienced with the various fire equipment you avail. As the business owner, it is not wise to display these equipment but have only one or two people able to operate them.

Understanding fire

Another area that fire safety training tackles is the nature of fire. Not all fires are the same; and not all of them will consequently warrant the same intervention. Electrical fires should be put out differently than chemical fires and so. All the employees should be able to identify the different fire types and know how to tackle each respectively. Understanding the different types of fires based on the cause also enables employees effectively eliminate the risk factors for these fires. In the end, educating employees on the natures of fires will ultimately lead to less fire hazards.

Procedural tactics

While a drill every now and then can help give employees an idea of how to act in the event of a fire, it is often not sufficient information for a smooth procedural evacuation. Employees need to know more than which exits to use and where to report. Fire safety training offers your employees more knowledge on things like confined space fire evacuation, general evacuation strategies, and even tailor made evacuation procedures specific to your building and business size. Overall, fire safety training ensures that all employees know what to do and how in the case of a fire, and can actively help in fighting such an occurrence.


4 April 2017

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